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Thursday, January 10, 2013


Sometimes it is necessary to reset a configuration task in order to redo some specific actions which the config tool does during the initial configuration. Meaning there are some tasks that are only performed one time during the initial configuration. Subsequent runs on the config tool task do not select these tasks, such as the pre-configuration tasks.

Since this task is already green indicating it is configured, the next step only has 1 task:

However, there are additional pre-configuration tasks that can be run by setting the status of the task back from Configured to Pending:

Now this shows the Pre-Configuration Tasks

What to Do?
In the past this was done by changing the xml files associated with the product. For instance, epma would be located in the directory

And the file  bpma_1_config.xml  would contain the status of each deployment task.

<property name="applicationServerDeployment">Configured</property> 
<property name="bpmaInterfaceDatasourceConfiguration">Configured</property> 
<property name="bpmaVirtualDirectoryConfiguration">Configured</property>
<property name="hubRegistration">Configured</property>
<property name="preConfiguration">Configured</property> 

In the deployment tasks have been moved into the database so as to become a central location for editing this metadata. Now, to change the metadata you should use the resetConfigTask.bat utility located in the following directory:

It takes two arguments, the –task and the –product. The product name can be found by looking in a registry report, search for the word “Configured”.

For instance, let’s modify the preConfiguration task for RA Framework. First, check the registry report:

We wish to change the preConfiguration to Pending in order to rerun the pre-configuration scripts for reporting and analysis

D:\Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\epmsystem1\bin>resetConfigTask.bat -product r
aframework -task preConfiguration

m11R1\common\config\\resetConfigTask.bat" -eoi "D:\Oracle\Middleware\use
r_projects\epmsystem1" -product raframework -task preConfiguration
Task [preConfiguration] for product [raframework] has been found under [INSTANCE
_TASKS_CONFIGURATION] component with id [18349408fd0bc34c6a4ad8e913aade7a519S4de

Now to check the instance configuration in the epm system registry report:

Now the task is set to pending as shown in the above screenshot.


  1. Thanks for this tip! Is there any other task needed for this effect to show up in EPM configurator. In other words, even after resetting the config status, the tasks are not showing up in the config tool?


  2. I know it's a bit late... But sometimes it seems to be a good idea to reset all tasks for the product to get the receonfiguration process done properly. So in addition to Instance Task Configuration items you would also reset the System Task Configuration items for the particular product. I just had to reconfigure RA Framework and reseted the following tasks: relationalStorageConfiguration, hubRegistration, reregisterApplication, preConfiguration, applicationServerDeployment and FrameworkServicesConfiguration. After this I was finally able to do a clean configuration using the "first time configuration of the database" option.