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This blog is dedicated to documenting error resolution and other tidbits that I discover while working as a Consultant in the Oracle EPM (Hyperion) field. As much of my job revolves around issue resolution, I see an opportunity to supplement the typical troubleshooting avenues such as the Oracle Knowledgebase and Oracle Forums with more pinpointed information about specific errors as they are encountered. Beware, the information found in this blog is for informational purposes only and comes without any warranty or guarantee of accuracy.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Error in ConfigTool: TNS-04612: Null RHS

I recently came across this error in the config tool while trying to reconfigure the database connections.

 [EPMCFG] [ERROR] [EPMCFG-01020] [oracle.EPMCFG] [tid: 30] [ecid: 0000LJ5CfaK8dplqwsZf6G1NFBXo00000E,0] [SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunAllTasks] Error: [[
java.io.IOException: TNS-04612: Null RHS for "my_tns"
at com.hyperion.cis.config.TNSParser.writeTnsOraFileEntry(TNSParser.java:189)
at com.hyperion.cis.config.AbstractProductDBConfigurator.updateDatabaseConnectionConfigurationFiles(AbstractProductDBConfigurator.java:854)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunAllTasks.executeDbConfigTask(RunAllTasks.java:681)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunAllTasks.execute(RunAllTasks.java:306)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunnAllTasksState.run(RunnAllTasksState.java:92)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)


What is happening is the config tool is trying to parse the tnsnames.ora under the bundled Oracle client, Oracle\Middleware\user_projects\config\dbclient and failing. I added some additional TNS entries for connecting to external databases to this tnsnames file. The config tool was trying to parse these additional entries and crashing. In order to successfully complete the config tool, I had to rename the existing tnsnames.ora to tnsnames.ora.bak and then run the config tool. This creates a brand new tnsnames.ora file. After successful configuration it was necessary to merge the changed TNS descriptors for "HFMTNS" and "BPMA_ALIAS" from the new tnsnames.ora into the .bak file. Finally, revert tnsnames.ora.bak file to its original name, tnsnames.ora.

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  1. Thanks! I haven't run into that one, but YNK.

    I did have an infrastructure related question though. My company is pressing towards TLSv1.2 only configurations. As is on FMW, have you heard/seen anything about a Hyperion upgrade to a later FMW version? The only option I seem to have right now is configuring a Reverse Proxy with a whole new FMW installation to maintain.