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Monday, March 5, 2012

Enterprise Performance Management 11.x Configuration Utility Does Not Launch And Returns Error: "Inventory existence check failed for EpmSystem_username home was not found" [ID 1342764.1]


This error occurs when the currently logged in User Account is not the same User Account which installed the product.

The EPM Configuration Utility checks for an entry in inventory.xml for the User Account (i.e. "Administrator") who had installed the product.  However, the start-up of the EPM Configuration Utility is being done by an alternate User Account (logged in).

The EPM Configuration Utility file "inventory.xml" will contain an entry for the User Account (i.e. "Administrator")  that installed the product, but does not contain an entry for the current User trying to run the Utility.


Note: It is recommended that the configuration utility to be run by the same User Account who installed Enterprise Performance Management product suite.

To allow the alternate administrative User Account to run the EPM Configuration Utility, modify the "inventory.xml" file as per following steps.

NOTE: In this example, the User Account names being used are:
  • Administrator - User Account that installed EPM 11.x
  • HypAdmin - alternate administrative User Account who is to run the EPM Configuration Utility.

  1. Locate the "inventory.xml file within
  2. Create and retain a backup copy of the inventory.xml
  3. Open the inventory.xml file in edit mode (e.g. via notepad.exe)
  4. Locate the line:
    " <HOME NAME="EpmSystem_Administrator" LOC="C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1" TYPE="O" IDX="3" "
  5. Copy the line, and paste below the original entry.  The result will appear as:

    <HOME NAME="EpmSystem_Administrator" LOC="C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1" TYPE="O" IDX="3" />
    <HOME NAME="EpmSystem_HypAdmin" LOC="C:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1" TYPE="O" IDX="3" />

    Where the "EpmSystem_HypAdmin" is the new line added for the alternate administrative User Account "HypAdmin"
  6. Copy the .oracle.instances file:
    From "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator"  
    To:     "C:\Documents and Settings\HypAdmin"
  7. Restart the EPM 11.x Configuration Utility for the alternate Administrative User Account (i.e. HypAdmin")

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  1. I am getting this error on Solaris server. But I do not see any other user except me (hyper) in \Inventory\ContentsXML\. Also, the unix team just installed Oracle Database client on this system. Could that be a problem since it is a different user? Please advise. Ronit.