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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bug in Oracle Client Installation Prevents HFM Configuration

The version of the Oracle Client on Windows seems to have a unique bug where it has trouble registering the OLE DB provider in windows. This effects both HFM and FDM database configuration tasks. First, HFM will not pass configuring the db in the config tool. Second, FDM will not be able to create an application - throwing a very generic message saying check your database connection.

This essentially means that if you create a new UDL file manually, and look at the providers list, the Oracle Client provider is not shown.

The easiest way to see this issue, as mentioned above is to create a new text file, with zero bytes. Then rename it to test.udl. When you double click it should let you test the OLE DB connection. This is a good way to test any HFM DB related connection issue. However, if this bug exists, you will quickly discover that the Oracle provider is missing.

Please refer to this KB for more info:

Installing the Oracle Provider for OLE DB from the Client Install Media Does Not Properly Register the Provider [ID 1380742.1]

For reference, the 64 bit (HFM) command to register the OLE DB would be

D:\>regsvr32 d:\oracle\product\11.2.0\client_2\bin\OraOLEDB11.dll

remember to refer to the KB article for the 32 bit command for FDM to work too.

Here are some more symptoms of the issue:
UDL: "Test connection failed because of an error in setting the window handle property. Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors. Check each OLE DB status value, if available. No work was done."

From Hyperion Configtool.log (Error configuring HFM database connection):

[SRC_CLASS: com.hyperion.hfm.config.hfmregistry.HFMRegistry] Error while configuring HFM Database: {0}[[
java.lang.RuntimeException: Oracle DB registry entry is not available
at com.hyperion.hfm.config.hfmregistry.HFMRegistry.configureHFMDataBase(HFMRegistry.java:754)
at com.hyperion.hfm.config.HfmDbConfigurator.configure(HfmDbConfigurator.java:150)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunAllTasks.executeDbConfigTask(RunAllTasks.java:929)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunAllTasks.execute(RunAllTasks.java:482)
at com.hyperion.config.wizard.impl.RunnAllTasksState.run(RunnAllTasksState.java:91)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:662)


Additionally, this post is also talking about the same issue, though perhaps not the best solution:

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